Granite Staters Newsletter Archive

2001 (most recent newsletter first)
GRANITE STATERS         November 2001
Carol Bovee, Editor
Dave Bovee, President

    We closed our 2001 camping season at Salisbury Beach State Park, along with the Massachusetts Minutemen and Yankee Travelers chapters. Our 140 coaches nearly filled the campground! The weather was a little foggy and chilly much of the weekend, but who can complain... it was mid-October. Remember those tabs we have been saving? Thanks to you, Bob Parsons collected well over 2 million aluminum tabs, which he presented to the Shriners to raise money for their Children’s Hospital. I heard a rumor that the Parsons now have enough room to park their car in the garage!

    Wagonmaster Bill Hatley has our schedule pretty well set for next year. For the "snow- birds" there are two late-winter FMCA rallies. Our first chapter rally will be in May. The Northeast Area rally will again be at Essex Junction, VT in August, and our chapter has again volunteered to help with security. Fred Roberts and Bob Smith will jointly be in charge of our efforts. Helen Caserta and Bill Gowen tell us they expect to need a few less people than last summer. We’ll keep you posted when we learn more.

    Our 6-year old chapter continues to grow. We are among the largest FMCA chapters in the Northeast! Carol and I recently received an e-mail from a relatively new member who was with us at Salisbury. She basically said "I wish I had known more..." about what there was to do at Salisbury Beach and vicinity. Those of us who have been to the rallies there the past 3 or 4 years know our way around pretty well, but we mustn’t forget there many Granite Staters who have never been to a given site before. When we advertise a rally in the newsletter, the rally host(s) generally give some info about what’s happening, but can only fit so much info on a page. Unfortunately, it’s easy to think "It’s the same as last time...", but that doesn’t help those who weren’t there before. If you want to know more about an upcoming event, feel free to call the host in advance and ask questions. We want you to have fun!

    This will be the last newsletter ‘til probably mid-winter, or such time as we have enough new news to justify a new newsletter. Have a great winter!


Another great time at Salisbury Beach. Even with overcast skies on Saturday and Sunday we still had a super Weekend! This year the MinuteMen joined the Yankees and the Granite Staters; with 140 registered coaches, it was the largest crowd yet. The campground actually ran out of electric sites; a few coaches had to use their generators. Special Thanks to Roger and Evelyn Merrill who handled the coffee. On Saturday morning, even with 500 cups ready by 8:00 they had to perk two more 100 cup pots. WOW! We do like our coffee. Thanks also to John and Ruth Jacquinet who kept us in the donuts. John used his grill to toast the bagels and English muffins. (And to provide heat for those nearby) Thanks also to the clean up team of Hal and Bev Burnham.

To those of you who brought all that wood, mission accomplished. It was the source of much warmth and conversation.

Another success, see you next year.

David LeBlanc



Another camping season has come to an end but the new members are still joining the Chapter. We would like to welcome the new members.

The new members are:
Donald and Jean Cloutier
Tim and Vornie Colbath
Les and Phyllis Coldwell
Bob and Gale Cote
John and Beverly DeCollibus
Ed and Michele Dressell
Bill and Carol Elkins
John and Sheila Gage
Alan and Gerry Hunter
Harold and Mary Ann Latham
Ken Lund and Joanne Makos
James and Jane MacKissock
Walter and Pauline Twardosky
Duane and Linda Wakefield
F applied for
Manchester NH
Dover-Foxcroft ME
Amherst NH
Nashua NH
Hampton NH
Merrimack NH
Pittsfield NH
East Hampstead NH
Sandwich NH
Killingworth CT
Edgewater FL
Laconia NH
Nashua NH
Cape Elizabeth ME


Our tabs were presented at a joint rally at Salisbury State Park in Salisbury MA to Florence Britain< PHP for the Shriners Hospital for Children in Springfield MA. Florence is a representative of the Helma Court #64, Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America, Springfield MA. They have collected 282,620 pounds of aluminum tabs. Our contribution this year to the tab-collecting program was 1408 pounds. This figures out to be 2,252,800 aluminum tabs. We now have contributed over 3,600,000 to date. I want to thank EVERYONE who collected the tabs. This is a wonderful program and I hope the Granite Staters will keep up the good work in the future.


Returning from a trip to visit my relatives in Newfoundland, I was stopped by a New Hampshire state trooper for exceeding the speed limit. Grateful to have received a warning instead of a ticket, I gave him a small bag of my grandmother's delicious chocolate chip cookies and proceeded on my way.
Later, another state trooper stopped me. "What have I done?" I asked.
"Nothing," the trooper said, smiling. "I heard you were passing out delicious chocolate chip cookies".


Southeast Area Rally (Feb.)

We will caravan into the Southeast Area Rally at Brooksville, Florida, on February 4, 2001, even though the official rally dates are February 6-9. That is the first day of parking and we will caravan in together so we can park together and get a good location.

See the rallies page for more information

Perry, Georgia, March 2002

We will caravan into the FMCA International Convention at Perry, Georgia in March 2002. We will form the caravan in the holding area at the convention site (Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter) at 1:00 PM on Sunday, March 17.
Bill (Wagonmaster) and Caroline (Secretary) Hatley will be our hosts. Social hour will be each day at 4:00PM. Join us even if you do not park with us.

Lawn Chair Brigade

Our Granite Staters Lawn Chair Brigade is scheduled to perform twice in 2002. The first appearance is in the big parade at the Southeast Area Rally in Brooksville, Florida on February 7.
Then we have been invited to do an exhibition at the big eight-chapter Top Guns Rally on July 20 at Brooklyn, Connecticut.
The Lawn Chair Brigade is hilarious to watch and even more fun in which to participate. You could call it a lawn chair drill team for the ultimate tourist. If you haven't marched withus yet, give it a try. We will train you in a practice at the rally.

Granite Staters Schedule for 2002

See the
rallies page for the 2002 schedule and details of the rallies.
The November Newsletter also contains a list of members' email addresses. For privacy reasons, they are not included here. Please keep your copy of the newsletter for these addresses.

GRANITE STATERS         September 2001
Carol Bovee, Editor
Dave Bovee, President
    Our little motorhome club's activities may seem pretty insignificant compared to the tragic attacks of September 11, but in a way FMCA and the Granite Staters are a testimonial to what a great country we have. In another country, we might not be free to travel the highways. Indeed, there might not be any highways! Or we might be so poor that day-to-day survival leaves no time for recreational activities. Our leaders have the difficult duty of bringing those responsible to justice, while at the same time not overreacting and making our situatiuon even worse. I am confident that we will emerge from this tragedy a stronger nation.
Recent Granite Staters' Events
    Rally at Branch Brook Campground, Campton, NH, hosted by the McSheas, Reads, and Sandstroms. It was a beautiful August weekend at a nice campground. We did have one misfortune, though. Dot Bickford spent much of that weelend in the local hospital. We are grateful that the doctors found nothing seriously wrong, and sent her home Sunday morning.
    Our traditional Sandwich Fairgrounds Rally drew a recordd 70 coaches! Bigger isn't necessarily better, but this has always been a popular event, as shown by the ever-increasing attendance. A great job was done by our hosts, the Munroes, Fords, and Greniers.

    WE now have one new officer, and several reelected incumbents. Let's welcome Caroline Hatley, who was elected chapter secretary. Unfortunately, Caroline and her husband Bill, our new Wagonmaster, were only able to attend the rally briefly on Friday. They recently changed jobs, and guess when their new employee training was?

    Outgoing secretary Ginny Read graciously agreed to extend her term for the duration of our business meeting. Thank you, Ginny, for diligently serving the chapter for the apst few years.
    At the business meeting, we voted to make a $1000.00 donation to the Shriners' Children's Hospital. In addition, we plan to present the Shriners with over two millioncan tabs at our Salisbury Beach rally in October.
    Also in Salisbury, I'd like to decide as a chapter what we will do for volunteer work at the Northeast Area Rally next summer. It is traditional for eacch chapter to pitch in. We have done Security the last two years ... do we want to make it three?

    It's hard to believe I'm starting my third term as your chapter President. Thank you for your support. Though it isn't always easy, keep smiling!




Again, this month we are happy to welcome the new members of our chapter and wish them many years of HAPPY MOTORHOMING.

The new members are:
Tom and Peg Broughter
Louis and Theresa Gordon
Ronald and Phyllis Hebert
Roger and Nora Hill
Kenneth and Joanne Lynn
Richard and Lisa Morgan
Alain and Rochelle Therrien
Milford NH
Salem NH
Manchester NH
Keene NH
Edgewater FL
Meredith NH
Grand Isle VT


We received a tremendous amount of tabs in the last two rallies and all I can do is estimate the total amount that we have collected. That estimated number is 2,200,000 tabs for an estimated weight of 1375 pounds. If you have never seen that many soda tabs in one place, come to the Salisbury Rally and see for yourself. Again, I want to thank all of you that have contributed to this project. This is a continuing progtam so please keep up the great work for a great cause. I am asking all the new members to pitch in and help us in this worthwhile endeavor.

See you in the next newsletter.

National Director's Report

     On August 12, 2001, I attended the Northeast Area Caucus. At that time, Gary Adams discussed the long-range planning for FMCA to bring it into the 21st century. Some members felt it leaned toward the level of rich people, not your average people. If we want to attract younger families we have to market something other than high-line coaches.

     Helen Casserta reported on the By-Law update. What is now 45 pages will end up being 15 pages. Items taken from the By-Laws will end up in the Policy and Procedures manual and Volunteer Handbook. The Policy and Procedures Handbook will end up on the FMCA website; however, what it says today may change tomorrow as it is an ever-changing document.
     Term limits were discussed for the National Officers. Most representatives were against it. This information will be sent on to the By-Law committee.
     Travel allowance for the National Directors were discussed. The overwhelming feeling was that we volunteered for the Nationial Directors job and did not expect to get paid.
     There was a 75% representation from the Northeast Area.

     Evelyn Merrill
     National Director

National Director Evelyn also included reports on the Presidents' Forum and Governing Board Meeting. Highlights follow.

From the Presidents' Forum Report

From the 8-13-2002 Governing Board Meeting

  • Budget for next year is $15,264,000.00.
  • Future rally sites proposed
    • Winter 2002 - Perry GA
    • Summer 2003 - Hutchenson KS
    • Winter 2003 - Ponoma CA
    • Summer 2003 - Hamburg NY
  • Election of Officers
    • President - - Jeff Jefcoat
    • Senior VP - - R. G. Wilson
    • Secretary - - June Davis
    • Treasurer - - Connie Pool

GRANITE STATERS         July 2001
Carol Bovee, Editor
Dave Bovee, President
    The FMCA Northeast Area Rally at Essex Junction, VT didn’t set any attendance records this year, but the Granite Staters were well represented, and our traditional afternoon social hour was well attended each day. Having the rally over the July Fourth holiday seemed to cut down on attendance by both FMCA families and vendors. Next year’s NE Area Rally will be at the same place, but in August.
    A large rally requires many, many volunteers, and our security volunteers did a great job, mostly at the fairgrounds’ entrance gates. A big "thank you" to Stet Hunt for leading that effort, and to all who pitched in and helped.
    Our Lawn Chair Brigade performed for the first time in quite awhile. Bruce Brown marched nearly forty of us, including yours truly, in to entertain at the Monday morning coffee hour. It was a great chance for us grownups and a few kids, to have fun being silly as we performed our drills. An organization like FMCA should be fun, and the Lawn Chair Brigade is a perfect vehicle ... for spectators and participants alike!

    Bill Hatley, Wagonmaster.Recently retired from the Navy, Bill wants to be more active with FMCA and our chapter. I have appointed him Wagonmaster effective immediately. It’s not too early to think about next year. Please contact Bill with any ideas or offers to help host a rally next year. I thank VP Steve Ford for also handling those duties for the last several months.

    See you again next time! Registration information for our three remaining rallies is in this newsletter. See you soon,


August Newsletter

We will publish our nominating committee’s slate of officers and the ballots for 2001-2002. Normally we would wait until after the August rally for the next newsletter, but it will be early next month. First, we want to give everyone enough time to vote, and second, there is only 2 1/2 weeks between rallies, and Editor Carol, President Dave, and their family will be away on vacation much of that time.

National Director's Report

The annual meeting of NMA was held in Essex Junction, Vermont July 3, 2001.
Minutes from the May 19th meeting were approved.
The Treasurer’s report was approved.

The Nominating Committee submitted the following slate of officers:

First vice president - Helen Caserta
Second Vice president - Bill Skolfield
Secretary - Esther Rogers
Treasurer - Bill Conway

The above nominations were approved and voted on. They are now the new NMA officers with Bill Gowen as president.

Diana Gowen reported for the audit committee. All members agreed the financial records were in excellent order.

2002 Rally will be held at the Champlain Valley Expo Grounds in Essex Junction August 8, 9, 10, 2002. Marsha Sullivan and Marie Cooper have volunteered to head up the youth program.

2003 Rally will be held at Prince Edward Island approximately one week after the national rally in Hamburgh, New York. Dates for these rallies have not been set as of this report.

President Bill Gowen in looking into multi chapter visits. Each state with multiple chapters would hold a combined rally. This would enable the president to visit with every chapter. It is very difficult to visit all 40 chapters in one summer.

A request has been made to make Ontario part of the Northeast Area. Approval was given for Bill Gowen to talk to the National Office about it.

Next year's nominating committee is as follows: Marie Cooper, Carol Coughlin, Marsha Sullivan, Ruth Jacquinet and Gary Ginn.

Next years audit committee is: Paul Danvers, George McGee and Mark Girouard.

Meeting adjourned.

Evelyn Merrill


Once again it is our pleasure to Thank each and every Granite Stater who volunteered to do Security duty at the North East Rally held in VT. We had 84 volunteers from our Chapter. There is not a chapter that can compare to ours. When the time or duties are changed there is no complaining, just OK tell me what to do. We cannot say enough to all of you. Again THANK YOU.

Stet, Edie and RVing Pete

ps RVing Pete was the winner of the 4th of July dog walk. (with Edie leading).

Any member interested in being a candidate for an officer's position in the Granite Staters, should make themselves known to any member of the Nominations Committee by August 1st. Members of the Committeeinclude Anne Brown, Gerry Goulet, Bill McShea, Dave Munroe, and Bob Parsons.

The slate of candidates will be published with a ballot in the August newsletter, and voted on at the annual meeting in Sandwich in September.



We have had seven new members added to the membership since our last newsletter. Everyone welcomes the new members and wishes them many years of HAPPY MOTORHOMING with the granite Staters.

Frank and Joan Furci F168995
    Titusville FL
Cark and Betty Sue Hydren F280894
    North Conway NH
Everett and Leatrice LeBaron F295433
    Merrimack NH
Bernie and Veleta Lebiecki F40408
    Goffstown NH
Albert and Frances Poulson F155443
    Stow MA
Bill and Pat Rohr F283832
    Gilford NH
Dick and Marge Streeter F281275
    East Kingston NH


I am pleased to report that I have weighed all of the tabs that we have collected. The approximate total is 1,937,280, or for your information, that amounts to 1210.8 pounds. (That is over half a ton, AWESOME) It is impossible to thank everyone individually, so I want to thank all of the members and their friends and relatives for making it possible for the chapter to collect this many tabs. Keep it up! We will make plans shortly for bringing the tabs to the Shriners Hospital for Children in Springfield MA. I will keep you posted.


GRANITE STATERS         Late June 2001
Carol Bovee, Editor
Dave Bovee, President
    The Hopkinton Fairgrounds was the site for our June rally. I was especially pleased to have several new members join us for their first rally. It was a low-key affair, with plenty of free time for relaxing or visiting. Fred Roberts did a great job planning and running our rally, with plenty of assistance from his wife Blanche, Bob & Marilyn Smith, and Bob & Jan Smith. The “chili dump” supper was well received by most (although I cooked hot dogs for two kids...)
    Being a parent can make for a hectic schedule at times such as that weekend. 5-year old Sam had his Preschool “graduation” on Friday evening, so we didn’t get to the rally until late Friday. After the largely uneventful business meeting Saturday night, we headed home because Amy (12) and Mara (9) both had major roles in our church’s “Children’s Sunday” program the next morning.
    Hopkinton is a great spot, easily accommodating the 30-something Granite Staters coaches, and many more RV’s belonging to the Square Dancing group which shared the grounds with us that weekend.
    The Northeast Area Rally in Essex Junction, VT is fast approaching. The Granite Staters’ Lawn Chair Brigade will march... join us. It’s fun! Bruce Brown has more info inside this newsletter.
    Stet Hunt has our chapter’s security volunteers pretty well organized, although at last report he had one or two slots still open, and wouldn’t mind having a couple reserves.
    The youth activities will be somewhat less extensive than at some large FMCA rallies, because no chapter volunteered for the job. Fortunately, a few individuals have stepped forward to offer several events for the kids.

    See you in Vermont!



Fliers given out at Hopkinton Fairground Rally, this past June 8,9,10 for the August Rally at Branch Brook Campground listed dates incorrectly. The proper dates will be August 17th, 18th, and 19th. Apologies for the incorrect dates
    Bill Read, co-host
Social Hour at NE Area Rally

We will have a social hour each day at Essex Junction, unless pre-empted. Bring your own beverage and every other day, bring a snack to share. (odd F numbers on Thursday, even F numbers on Friday, etc.)
They will be held at Bruce and Anne Brown’s coach in the volunteer parking area. You are invited to attend the social hours even if you are not parked with the volunteers.
See the Rallies page for more information on the NEA rally and our security duties there.



We have had six new members added to the membership since our last newsletter. We all want to welcome the new members and wish them many years of HAPPY MOTOR HOMING with the Granite Staters.

The new members are:
Carol Bainum
Raymond and Patricia Duval
John and Cindy Husselbee
Wallace and Janet McCue
Paul and Linda Parazzo
Don and Carolyn York
(app for)
Warwick, RI
Hollis, NH
Hollis, NH
Sandbornville, NH
Pembroke, MA
Derry, NH


Our latest count for the tabs that we have been collecting for the last year has now reached approximately 1,500,000. I want to thank all of the members and their friends and relatives for making it possible for the chapter to collect this many tabs. Keep it up! We will make plans shortly after the Rally in Essex Junction for bringing the tabs to the Shriners Childrens Hospital in Springfield, MA. I will keep you posted.


If your newsletter has a RED DOT on the label, it means that your dues are in arrears for the period ending 5-31-02. Please attend to this matter before 07-15-01.


I would like to say “Thank You” to the members of the Granite Staters for all the cards, e-mails, telephone calls and the thoughtfulness that you sent my way while I was under the weather. I am feeling pretty good at this point and I hope to make it to Essex Junction, but I have to keep my fingers crossed. (Doctor’s orders u-know)


Until next time, I leave you with the mortal words of Betsy Ross who once said to George Washington “OK so you don’t like little happy faces. How do you feel about stars?”



We can go in Thursday the 28th. of June. Edie and I will be leaving Weare at 9am Thursday morning. If anyone wants to join us, we will be going on Route 89N. There is no charge for going in on Thursday or Friday. We will meet at Ames (in Essex Junction) which is on Susie Wilson Road. When you receive your packet from National, it will have the directions to Susie Wilson Road. Ames is located on the left side of the road just after you turn onto Susie Wilson Road. We will leave Ames at 1pm and go in together. All volunteers will be parked together.

While travelling to Essex Junction, we will have our cell phone on. (603) 848-7380

Stet Hunt
178 Center Road
Weare NH 03281-4606
(603) 529-7380

Lawn Chair Brigade At NE Area Rally

Our Granite Staters Lawn Chair Brigade has been invited to perform at the Northeast Area Rally in Essex Junction, Vermont. We will march at the opening exercises following coffee hour the first morning. I think that will be Monday morning, July 2. I (Bruce) will talk with Stet about the feasibility of scheduling non-marchers for Security duty that morning.

We need volunteers for the Lawn Chair Brigade. If you haven’t marched before that’s OK; we will train you at practice the day before. If you are not sure about it, come to practice and then decide or call Bruce Brown at (603) 528-6321. Bring lightweight, aluminum lawn chairs and crazy, loud, mismatched clothing for the performance. We will have some loaner chairs and clothing too. It is a lot of fun.

You do not have to park with the Security volunteers to march with us. Just find us in the volunteer parking area when you get there. We will probably have a practice just after 4:00 pm Social Hour at Bruce and Anne Brown’s coach on Sunday. We may have another practice before that if we have a lot of beginners.

National Director’s Report

The Northeast Motorhome Association held their spring meeting in Essex Junction, Vermont on Saturday, May 19, 2001

The Secretary’s report was accepted.

The Treasurer reported the balance on hand was $98,637.00. This does not include any monies for the upcoming rally.

It was announced that the secretary, Ruth Moore, had resigned. Maine Wheels president, Bill Schofield agreed to take the minutes.

The NMA nominating committee for the upcoming year is: Bud Day, Steve Mann, Helen Caserta, Rick Bianco, and Clarence Boutin. If anyone is interested in running for an office in NMA, please contact one of these people.

NMA members appointed to the audit committee are: Dick Haggett, John Demers, and Diana Gowen.

The Northeast Area Rally site for the year 2002 will be back at Essex Junction. Tentative dates are August 8, 9, 10, 2002.

A suggestion was made that prospective new chapter members be assigned a mentor to contact them before the chapter rally and stay with them at the rally, introducing them to other members.

A committee has been formed to rewrite the National By-laws. When asked why, they said it was like housekeeping, too much duplication and contradiction. It is now 37 pages and when they are finished there will be approximately 11 pages. Also included in the by-law rewrite will be changes in the national office terms. The national president would serve one 2-year term, vice president would serve one 2-year term, the secretary and treasurer could serve two 2-year terms, area vice president could serve two 2-year terms. They are also considering term limits for the national directors.

National rallies for the year 2002 are as follows:
March 19, 20, 21; Perry, Georgia
October 1, 2, 3; Hutchinson, Kansas
July 2003; Hamburg, New York

Nominees for the national election are as follows:
President: Jeff Jefcoat and Edward Ruese
Sr. Vice President: Sheila Donigan and R. G. Wilson
Secretary: June Davis
Treasurer: Don McGrath and Constance Pool
Resumes for the above can be found in the June issue of the Family Motor Coaching magazine.

The NMA spring meeting will be held in Essex Junction, Vermont on May 17, 18, 19, 2002.

Evelyn Merrill, National Director

GRANITE STATERS         June 2001
Carol Bovee, Editor

The Prez Sez
Dave Bovee, President

    "NETIQUETTE" and avoiding "the web’s" downside:
E-mail and the internet are very powerful tools. If used properly, one can acquire and disseminate a lot of information very quickly. They can also bury us with useless or unwanted messages.    I am amazed what our Webmaster, Bob Burnham, has put together for us- the Granite Staters website and "discussion group" (GDG). I share Bob’s frustration that several members have asked to be taken off the GDG because they receive too many unwanted messages. A major culprit is members replying to messages on the GDG. DO NOT REPLY to the GDG unless you want dozens of us to get that message. Doing so is usually not appropriate. The sender can help avoid this situation by including their e-mail address in the text of their message. That way, the recipient can usually click on that address and type a reply directly to just the sender (depending on your e-mail software).

   VOLUNTEERS needed -- always welcome!!
The Granite Staters willingness to volunteer are what makes this such a great club. Currently, we are looking for a number of ranging from a one-time security detail to elected officers. See the “Help Wanted” section in this newsletter.

   LEGISLATION: We’re almost there!
Both the NH House and Senate have passed SB33, which will return the law closer to what it was before last year’s changes. When signed by Governor Shaheen, RSA 216-1 will again only apply to campgrounds.

See you at our next rally in Hopkinton!



The Granite Staters is a group of volunteers. We need your help filling the following positions:

Secretary (elected office)

Treasurer (elected office)


Clothing Retailer

If you are interested in filling any of these positions please speak to Dave Bovee or one of the members of the nominating committee. They are: Anne Brown, Bill McShea, Bob Parsons, Dave Munroe, and Jerry Goulet.



The membership list is always on the move. We have added eight new couples to our roster since the last newsletter. It is always a pleasure to welcome them and we hope that they will become active in the Granite Staters Chapter.
The new members are:
Jim and Sandy Belanger    F278840    05/02/01    Hollis, NH
John and Marge Burton    F282247    05/05/01    Dover, NH
Willis and Elinor Downing    F278840    05/02/01    Enfield, NH
Robert and Mary Johnson    F290542    03/11/01    Claremont, NH
Bill and Nancy McDonough     F284643    05/16/01    Moultonboro, NH
David and Shelly Nelson    F282877    05/15/01    Pelham, NH
Bill and Nancy Paquette    F243738    05/16/01    Manchester, NH
Dave and Sue Perrin    F291347    04/09/01    Contoocook, NH


WE DID IT! Our club has done it again. We have gone over the one million count for our tabs for the second time. We now have collected 1,078,000 this past year. If you have any more tabs, please bring them to the June 8-10 rally in Hopkinton. We will probably bring the tabs to the Shriners Hospital for Children in Springfield, MA. The date will be announced at the rally.


Please try to pay your dues as soon as possible.


(Enclosed in the mailed newsletter) Please check your address and let me (and the webmaster) know if you find any errors.


A rookie was struggling at the mound, so the catcher walked up to have a talk with him. "I've figured out your problem," he told the young southpaw. "You always lose control at the same point in every game."
"When is that?"
"Right after the National Anthem."


Good of the Order


Roger and Evelyn Merrill have twin grandsons born this winter.

Bill McShea recently completed his degree in engineering.

Pam Prentiss recently completed her MBA.


Thelma Buck is recovering from a serious leg injury.

Darrell Mann is at home recovering from a vehicle accident.

Peg McShea has just returned to work with her arm in a cast from recent surgery.


John Watkins, a charter member of the club and our first treasurer, died recently. The "old-timers" miss his good humor and gentleness. He and Sally were a great addition to the club and we send our condolences to Sally and their family.


We need roasters for the chili at the Hopkinton/June rally. Please let Fred Roberts know ASAP if you can bring one. (Call 603-529-1868 or e-mail


See the 2001 Rallies page for the up-to-date schedule and details on this year's rallies.

Essex Jct Rally Update: We can now go in Thursday the 28th. of June. See the Rallies page for full details.


The August Rally with the Jersey Gems in Connecticut has been cancelled due to lack of interest among the Granite Staters. We didn't seem to have much support up here and the thought was higher cost of fuel and longer travel distance might have had something to do with it. Tentatively we have a replacement rally at Branch Brook RV Park, Campton, NH for August 17, 18, 19th. We're waiting for a response from the campground.

Please remember to inform Joyce Sandstrom about happy or sad occasions ( births, marriages, accidents, illnesses, hospitalizations, deaths, etc.) in the life of any Granite Stater so that we may appropriately acknowledge these occasions.

GRANITE STATERS         March 2001
Carol Bovee, Editor

The Prez Sez
Dave Bovee, President

   Another motorhoming season is about to begin. Our first chapter rally will be in mid-May, and the next in mid-June. In July we have the FMCA Northeast Area Rally in Essex Junction, VT. Stet Hunt wants to recruit a number of us as security volunteers, a task we helped out with at the FMCA convention in Brunswick, ME last summer. In August, plans are well underway for a joint meet with the Jersey Gems chapter. Many of you will remember sharing Brunswick security duties with them. Plans are still a bit fuzzy for September and October, but I’m sure we’ll have our traditional "Birthday Bash" at the Sandwich (NH) Fairgrounds, and one or two other others. Please contact our VP and acting Wagonmaster Steve Ford if you have ideas for this fall and especially for next year.


   Please wear Name Badges at our rallies. I’d like to be able to boast that I know the names and faces of all 200+ families in the Granite Staters, but I’m not that good. The badges help. You can order the "official" Granite Staters name badges if you like (look for the order form in this newsletter). There are some clubs that won’t let anyone in without the proper badge. The Granite Staters are not that petty, but in years past "Sheriff" Jake Perrault or his deputies the Peahl Brothers have "arrested" people who had no nametag at all. (Fine: 25 cents)


   On the legislative Front: By now most of you are familiar with RSA 216-I, laws governing campgrounds in New Hampshire. One of the changes made last year broadened the definition of "campground" to an absurd degree. Even two tents in your back yard make it a "campground." Fortunately, when this was pointed out, most legislators said "oops..." and there are now two bills to remedy the situation. The Senate bill, SB-33 has already passed the senate. SB-33 basically says campground regulations shall apply to campgrounds. The House of Representatives bill, HB-476, is in the Resources, Recreation & Development committee. HB-476 is similar to its Senate counterpart, but it has a reference to "commercial zoning" in its definition of a campground, which looks to me like a huge gray area. If I drive my coach to the grocery store (presumably commercially zoned) and buy groceries (payment of a fee), does that make Shop’n’Save a campground? Maybe. Maybe not. I like the Senate version. It’s clearer.
   No further hearings scheduled as of this writing, but we will keep you posted.


   As the snowbanks gradually recede from alongside the driveway, I’m looking forward to getting back on the road with the old "Scenicruiser". See you soon!


Granite Staters Selected for Security Duty at Northeast Rally

The Granite Staters have been selected to volunteer for security at the North East Rally in Essex Junction, VT. Volunteers will be required to do 4 hours of volunteering over the course of the rally. There are 3 gates where the motor homes will come in and one walk in gate. We will be stationed at all four gates. We'll work in pairs. The hours are:
Friday, June 29th, 12 noon till 6pm.
Saturday, June 30th, 8am till 6pm
Sunday, July 1st, 8am till 6pm
Monday, July 2nd, 8am till 6pm
Tuesday, July 3rd, 8am till 6pm
Wednesday, July 4th, 8am. till 6pm.
Volunteers can go in Friday June 29th. and as volunteers you do not have to pay for Friday night. To park with Granite Staters volunteers you will have to be there no later than Saturday afternoon the 30th of June and have signed up as a volunteer. The gates are open for general admission Saturday, June 30th. and Sunday July 1st. The schedule will not be ready until the beginning of June.
If you want to volunteer, contact Stet Hunt. Before April 20th, leave your Name or Names and your FMCA number, via e-mail to or via snail-mail Stetson E. Hunt 178 Center Road Weare, NH 03281-4606 After April 20th, you may call 603-529-7380



It is a pleasure again for me to start out our Newsletter with a welcome to the new members who have come into our chapter and we hope that they will be active members and enjoy being a part of the Granite Staters.
The new members are:
Ronald and Marie Bonney    F288197    02/ /01    Oviedo, FL
David and Judy Farr     F261488    02/06/01    Nashua, NH
Philip and Linda French    F       02/10/01    Meredith, NH
Ellen Hayes    F286311    12/02/00    Charlestown, NH
James and Bonney Howard     F281122    11/17/00    Londonderry, MA
Tom and Linda Marshall    F13737    12/04/00    Washington, NH
Dean and Beth Murphy    F268937    11/13/00    Epsom, NH
Donald and Eiko Shappell    F239492    11/08/00    Epping, NH
Calvin and Corinne Stiles    F227378    12/02/00    Center Strafford, NH
Michael and Suzanne Watson    F285811    01/28/01    West Chesterfield, NH
Richard and Constance Wiggin    F251041    12/15/00    Polk City, FL


We are going to start the year off with over 950,000 tabs in the kitty {my garage} and we hope that the members have been saving them over the winter. Please bring all your soda can tabs to the May rally and we will make it over the 1,000,000 mark. I hope we can then have them picked up at the June rally. I know the children of the Shriners Hospital in Springfield will greatly appreciate the effort that the members of the club have made in their behalf.


The time is here again., so please try to get your dues paid before 31 May. It will sure make the work easier and it helps eliminate mistakes. If you have any question about your dues, please e-mail me,, and we will try to help you.


Are you interested on talking over the e-mail to other members of the chapter? Well there is a list in (the printed)newsletter of members in the chapter that said they would like to be on a list of this type. If you want to be on this listplease send me an e-mail stating that you want your name placed on the list. As always, my e-mail is

(Webmaster note: this is a separate list for your own use and not the list in our Granite Staters discussion group. See the notice elsewhere in this newsletter about the discussion group.)



These are the rallies we have scheduled so far for 2001. The list is incomplete.

May 18-20 Tuxbury Pond Camping Area, South Hampton NH
Hosts: Prentisses and Parsons
See the
rally page for details.

June 8-10 Hopkinton Fair Grounds
Hosts: Roberts, Smiths, and Smiths
See the rally page for details.

July 2-4 Northeast Area Rally Essex Junction, VT
See the Rally Schedule for more details as they become available.

Aug 17-19 Highland Orchard Resort Park, North Stonington, CT with the Jersey Gems
Hosts: McSheas, Sandstroms, and Reads
See the rally page for details.

Sept 6-9 Birthday Bash Sandwich, NH
Hosts: Fords, Greniers, Munroes

Late Sept ??????????
Hosts: McCrackens and Bucks

Oct Salisbury Beach with the Yankee Travelers

Chapter Notes


Ginny Read has announced that she would like to be replaced as the Granite Staters secretary. Bill Read is willing to be replaced as the treasurer as well, if anyone is willing to take over.

We are also looking for a Wagonmaster.

Please let the nominating committee or one of the officers know if you would like to be nominated for one of these positions or any other position! A nominating committe will be appointed at the May rally.


Our web site at has been updated to show the schedule for this summer's rallies. It is incomplete since details for some the scheduled rallies are not available at this time.

The Granite Staters discussion group (GDG) is being used more often now. Because of use restrictions, please keep all messages short and limited to no more than five per day. If you want to reply to the sender of a message, please do not use the Reply to: Members@GraniteStaters.orgreturn address, but rather send the reply to the From: (member's) address. Of course, if you want all to receive it, then send it to the group address.
If you are not receiving GDG messages and wish to, please send your email address and "F" number to and it will be added.

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