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2002 (most recent newsletter first)

NewsletterGranite StatersOctober 2002
Bruce Brown, President Carol and Dave Bovee, Editors


     Here we are at the end of another season.      The Salisbury Beach rally was a nice way to finish. Special thanks to Dave LeBlanc who coordinated everything.

     Anne and I plan to leave for Florida a day or two after Thanksgiving and that seems a long way off what with morning ice on the windshield and even some snow!

     Wagonmaster Louise Parson has a great 2003 season shaping up for us. The first event will be the Southeast Area Rally in Brooksville, Florida in February. See the article about it elsewhere in this newsletter.

     Have a nice winter and we will see some of you in Brooksville.



We'll folks we did it again as I knew you would. We went over the one million tabs. I do not have the exact amount at this time. Thanks to all that have participated in this worthwhile program and please keep up the good work so that we can do the same next year. Keep saving your tabs to help the children at the Shriners Hospital for Children.

The application for the rally at P.E.I. will be appearing shortly in the Family Motor Coaching magazine. When you see the application in the magazine you should fill it out and mail it to FMCA as soon as possible. When you have paid your rally fee, please write or send me an e-mail message ( so that I can set up the final list of Granite Staters that want to attend. This information is needed to make further plans. At this point in time, I do not know if the Granite Staters will be volunteering. I will keep those that are on this new list up to date on the plans.

Three old veterans were bragging about the heroic exploits of their ancestors.
"My great grandfather, at age 13 was drummer boy at Shiloh", one declared proudly.
"Mine went down with Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn", boasts another.
"I'm the only soldier in my family," confessed vet number three, but if my great grandfather was living today he'd be the most famous man in the world.
"Really? What'd he do?" his friends wanted to know.
"Nothing much. But he would be 165 years old."

Bob Parsons, VP

October 18th -20th

Dave and Judy LeBlanc were hosts for 90 plus coaches at Salisbury Beach State Reservation the weekend of October 18th - 20th as the Yanke Travelers and Granite Staters joined forces. Although the skies generally stayed rain free, there was definitely a Fall nip and bite in the air. Everyone enjoyed the weekend and the chance to socialize with old friends and make new acquaintances.

There were well attended social hours on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Roger and Margaret LaRose put on a super, "souper welcome" on Friday evening and provided attendees with a choice of a vegetable/tomato beef soup, vegetable beef soup, and a chicken soup which kept the crowd coming back for more. This was followed by a dessert hour. Our hats are off to the LaRoses' for another great job.

The McPhersons, Carpenters, McSheas, and Kimballs coordinated the coffee and donuts/bagels on Friday night and both mornings.

Saturday evening many people traveled in groups to the Hungry Traveler for dinner.

As the group broke up on Sunday morning, many were reflecting on the end of another season - some with the prospect of having to winterize their coach, but others looking forward to heading to warmer climates.

As another camping season season draws to a close, the Granite Staters would like to thank all of the hosts and helpers who make our rallies so successful.

- Bill McShea


While we were at Salisbury this past weekend at the rally,
a friend of ours lost a necklace that
was Turquoise colored beads with multiple chains.
Could you print something in the newsletter and possibly
someone may have found it. If it is found, contact me.

Thank You

Ray Bisson
603 543 0210

Lawn Chair Brigade

     Our Granite Staters Lawn Chair Brigade is scheduled to perform in the big parade at the Southeast Area Rally in Brooksville, Florida on February 6.
     The Lawn Chair Brigade is hilarious to watch and even more fun in which to participate. You could call it a lawn chair drill team for the ultimate tourist. The Brigade was featured in Family Motor Coach magazine a couple of years ago.
     We dress in loud, mismatched clothes and we have a ball. The Brooksville parade is a big deal and we are consistantly the most entertaining group that people look forward to seeing. Bruce Brown is the drum major and Anne is the drummer. If you haven't marched with us yet, give it a try. We will train you in a practice at the rally.
     We will practice at 9:00AM right after coffee hour on Tuesday, Feb 4 at Browns' coach. We will practice again while we wait for the parade to start on ThursdaY afternoon.

     See the Rallies Page for details about the Southeast Area Rally.

NewsletterGranite StatersSeptember 2002
Bruce Brown, President Carol and Dave Bovee, Editors


     Well, here I am again. It’s me, Bruce Brown, three years later. Thanks for your faithful service, Dave Bovee. Your gentle, easy going manner set the tone for the chapter. I admire the way you led us in fighting that campground legislation with the state two years ago. We accomplished much during your tenure as president. You left us a chapter in good condition.

     Bill and Caroline Hatley gave us a great rally in Sandwich. We have a great chapter the way people pitched in to help with set up, cleaning, coffee, etc. Too many of you helped out to try to name you. I thought Auntie Henrietta was going to roast Bill Read and instead she roasted me. It was fun. Not everything she said about me was true, but quite a bit was.
     We had a great group of first timers. You fit in well and it was great getting to know you. It was good to see so many of you in chapter clothing. You bought more than $900 worth at Sandwich alone. Great job, Anne.

Brooksville, FL:
     The Southeast Area Rally in Brooksville, Florida will be February 5-8, 2003. We will caravan into the rally from the Brooksville K-Mart on Monday, Feb. 3 at 11:00 AM. We will have more info in the next newsletter, but I know some of you need to be making plans now.
     Our Florida phone number after Thanksgiving is (321) 264-9441. My cell phone is (321) 258-5824 and Anne’s cell is (321) 258-7370.
     By arriving together we get to park together and have daily social hour. They are expecting our Lawn Chair Brigade for the parade, so we would love to have you march with us. We will train you in one practice the day before the parade. Bring some crazy mismatched clothing and a small aluminum lawn chair, or we can loan you what you need. Usually about twenty five percent of our marchers are beginners. We are always the hit of the parade, and dozens of groups participate.

     We are looking forward to seeing you next month at Salisbury Beach.


Sandwich Rally

Our 8th annual "birthday" rally drew a record 84 coaches, or about 180 people, to Sandwich, a classic country fairgrounds.

Friday evening, after most of us had moved in, we had deli sandwiches for dinner, followed by "Auntie Henrietta", who "roasted" an unsuspecting Bruce Brown. Bruce looked embarrassed at times, but had fun, too.

Saturday morning began with coffee, donuts, and bagels, compliments of Hill’s RVs. Dave Bovee presided over his last business meeting, during which we welcomed some new and some re-elected chapter officers. To no one’s surprise, the unopposed slate of candidates was elected. Bruce Brown and Louise Parsons presented our tentative rally schedule for next year. Later in the day, some took the “On Golden Pond” boat cruise, did some crafts, or were on their own. We had our traditional afternoon social hour, followed by a delicious chicken dinner, nicely done by a local caterer. Our evening entertainment was again provided by Chase and Willis. During intermission, Door prizes were awarded to most of us. Prize donors included Gary’s RVs (those NASCAR awning lantern sets were very popular), Ray Bisson’s Dri-Wash, Caroline Hatley, and FMCA.

Thank you, Bill and Caroline Hatley, for hosting this great event. You clearly did a lot of work to make this an enjoyable weekend, and you succeeded. I had fun, and appreciate all your efforts.

Dave Bovee

When the 70th Extravaganza happens in Buffalo, NY in July 2003, On Road Quilters will leave a donation of "child size" quilts in that area to organizations in need. Although, most of the quilts will be left in the Buffalo area, any Northeast chapter donating 20 or more quilts will be able to take their quilts back to an organization in their area if they choose to do so. "On Road Quilters" gather at the conventions for "show and tell" of work they have done and to give their donation quilts. This is open to anyone interested in quilting. If you have any questions please contact:
Millie Worden
3050 Federal Road
Pavillion NY 14525
As you might gather, we are trying to have a record number of quilts donated at Buffalo. We already have three quilts from the Granite Staters. Let's go quilters!

Millie Worden and Diana Gowen

A Recipe from Noreen Arslanian, given to her by Sally Watkins...

Microwave Bread and Butter Pickles

1 large or 2 small cucumbers to make 2 cups, cut 1/4 inch thick
1 medium onion, sliced thin
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup white distilled vinegar
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon mustard seed
1/4 teaspoon celery seed
1/4 teaspoon turmeric
(may add cauliflower if you like)

Mix all ingredients in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave on high for 9 minutes, but take out every 3 minutes to stir. Cook until cucumbers are crisp and onions are transparent. Rinse pint-sized jars in hot water to prevent cracking. Ladle pickle mixture into jars. Cover. Cool slightly and put in fridge for a few days before using. If you would like to make a quart, double the recipe and put in microwave for 12 minutes, stirring every 3 minutes. Enjoy!!

Thank you, Security Volunteers

Fred Roberts and Bob Smith thank all the Granite Staters who helped with security at the Essex Junction rally. We hope you will continue your good work with Stet Hunt at the Buffalo Extravaganza next summer.


"Three Cheers for the Granite Staters"

     You folks have come through again. At the rally in Sandwich you brought about 750,000 tabs to give us a grand total for the year of 932,000 or, for those who ask, 565 pounds.

     I have made arrangements with the Shriners hospital to pick up the tabs at the Salisbury rally at 11:30 AM on Saturday. It would be real nice if we could make a last ditch effort to get 68,000 more tabs so that we would be able to say that we turned in 1,000,000. I know you all will work on this and I want you to know that I am proud of those who have taken part in this ongoing program.

     We have been collecting tabs for the past five years and we have collected 4,428,700 to date. This is 2,768 pounds or almost one and a half tons.


     Again we have the pleasure of welcoming new members into the chapter. We are glad to have you with us and I hope we will see you often at our rallies.

Craig and Mary Lou Bennett
Robert and Nan Cote
Herbert and Joanne Farnham
Bob and Janet Fortnam
Richard and Lucille Gagnon
David Lawrence
James and Denise O'Neill
Frederick and Nancy Rhine

Bob Parsons

GRANITE STATERS         August 2002
Carol Bovee, Editor

Dave Bovee, President

    It's ELECTION TIME again. Ballots for our chapter election are included in this newsletter. Please mail it in promptly, or hand-deliver it at our next rally in Sandwich. We have a slate of very good people running for office, but it is conspicuous that most officer candidates are charter members. All have been members for many years. Our chapter is now 7 years old, and has grown from a few dozen to well over two hundred families. Don't be afraid to jump in and offer to serve.
    Offer to help host a rally (we need one or two more for next season), or offer to serve when we form next year's officer nominating committee. It is good to get new people involved. If we have the same people doing the same things year after year, we risk stagnation or decline. Don't be bashful... pitch in!
    Glen and Bobbie McCracken will soon assume the membership duties from Bob Parsons. Their pleasant, easy-going personalities will be a welcome addition to our leadership. At this time we're not sure who will be our next Wagonmaster (that's the person who oversees our rally schedule) after Bill Hatley steps down.

I'd like to thank you for having me as your president for the past 3 years. The Granite Staters are a great bunch to work with. The biggest challenge during my tenure started two years ago when we lobbied the NH Legislature to correct a restrictive law they had recently passed regarding recreational vehicles. With a little guidance from FMCA, and a lot of legwork from you contacting senators and representatives, and attending public hearings, we convinced them that their definition of "campground" in the law had far reaching consequences which most had not intended.

RECENT EVENTS: Although my family did not make it to the TOP GUNS rally, we heard it was a lot of fun, with plenty of entertainment, games and prizes. We just returned from the Northeast Area Rally in Essex Junction, VT. The Granite Staters Lawn Chair Brigade was a hit at the Thursday morning coffee hour. At that evening's opening ceremony, each chapter was recognized. Steve Ford and Bob Parsons carried our chapter banner. Debbie Ford carried the New Hampshire flag, and Bill Hatley, in his Navy dress uniform, carried the US flag as part of the military color guard. One of the highlights for our chapter is our afternoon social hour. It's fun to get together, visit with friends, meet new members (we gained several at the rally) and eat a few goodies, while trying not to spoil our dinner. At Saturday's social hour, we recognized soon-to-be newlyweds Bill Ellsworth and Kitty Munroe with champagne and shrimp. Congratulations to them!
UPCOMING EVENTS: Our annual rally at the Sandwich Fairgrounds is coming up very soon, and we will again end our season at the Salisbury Beach, Mass. State Park in October.
Big events for NEXT YEAR: The FMCA Southeast Area rally in Brooksville, FL in February for all our snowbirds, FMCA's 70th Grand International Motorhome Extravaganza (or "national" rally for short) near Buffalo NY in July, followed one week later by one I am definitely looking forward to, the FMCA Northeast Area Rally at Cabot Beach Provincial Park, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
Stet Hunt is investigating volunteer opportunities for us in Buffalo, and Bob Parsons is doing the same for PEI. We'll keep you posted when details are available. Thanks to all who pitched in for Security duty at this year's NE Area Rally. The Granite Staters have earned a reputation for providing plenty of volunteers when needed. Let's continue the good work next year.

See you in Sandwich!


Sandwich Fair Grounds, Center Sandwich, NH
September 6, 7 & 8, 2002
Food, Fun, and Entertainment!

1 Rig (2 adults) Includes Electricity & Water $70.00
(Additional adult guests $13.00 each)
Entertainment Friday & Saturday nights
Horseshoe Tournament
Craft *
Social Hour (Friday & Saturday)
Birthday Cake & Ice Cream (Friday PM)
Deli Sandwiches (Friday PM) BYOB and dishes/utensils
Catered Dinner (Saturday PM) BYOB and dishes/utensils
Club Meeting (Saturday AM)
Coffee & Donuts (Saturday & Sunday AM)
On Golden Pond Boat Ride (Optional) Saturday

RSVP to Bill and Caroline Hatley by Aug 25th
(Must have accurate count for catered dinner)
(603) 435-8392 or
Send checks payable to Granite Staters, to Bill Hatley
230 Parade Road, Barnstead, NH 03218

Come and Have Fun!!!

*Craft Supplies Needed for Christmas Ornament:
2 ¾" StyroFoam Ball, Regular Tape, 3 Yds Cording, Glue Gun & Glue,
1 Yd Wire Edge Ribbon, Scissors, 10-12 inches of small thin ribbon to hang ornament,
Double Stick Tape, 1 Long Stick Pin


This has been a wonderful summer for Louise and me. We traveled with "Bucky" and Thelma Buck across Canada, through the Canadian Rockies and on to Victoria in British Colombia. Our return trip was across the good old United States. We went through all of states in the North West and returned to Vermont to attend the North East FMCA Rally. This was a great trip and I would encourage everyone to try it.


Keep your eye on the future issues of the newsletter for information about this rally that is being held on Prince Edward Island, Canada. Our Chapter will be security volunteers. At the rally in Essex Junction 32 members of our Chapter tentatively signed up. The rally will be July 25 - 28, 2003. Please contact me if you wish to sign up to volunteer at this rally. You must also register with the FMCA by sending in an application that will appear in a future Family Motor Coach Magazine.


Please bring all of the aluminum tabs that you have to the rally at Sandwich. The Chapter is off to another great start and I have 120,000 tabs stashed away in my garage. This is good, but we still have a long way to go to match the number of tabs that we turned in last year. The children at the Shriners Hospital for Children appreciate all the effort that the members of our club have put into this program. To date we have turned in 3,496,700 tabs. Let's keep up the good work.


Greetings to all of our new members and we hope you will enjoy being a member of the Granite Staters. Due to my absense this summer, this list may not be complete.

Jim and Joan Cummings
Roland and Lucille Ducharme
Roger and Sandra Eberly
Richard and Diane Gagnon
Alan and Ruth Goldberg
Mike and Sandy Horton
Terry and Sally Obed
John and Janet Rolosky
John and Louiselle Violette
Robert and Theresa Schmidt
Ron and Carol Sislane


Balston Lake NY
Manchester NH
Gilford NH
Hooksett NH
Gilford NH
Milton NH
Milford NH
Charlestown NH
Bow NH
Belmont NH
Lovell ME


    A motorcycle Patrolman was rushed to the hospital with an inflamed appendix. The doctors operated and advised him that all was well; however, the patrolman kept feeling something pulling at the hairs on his chest. Worried that it might be second surgery that the doctors hadn't told him about, he finally got enough energy to pull his hospital gown down enough so that he could look at what was making him so uncomfortable.
    Taped firmly across his hairy chest were three strips of adhesive tape, the kind that doesn't come off easily. Written in large black letters was this sentence. "Get well quick.... From the nurse you gave a speeding ticket to last week."

See you all at Sandwich

Bob Parsons - Membership Chairman

2002 Rally Updates and Other Notes from the Newsletter


Dave Bovee's report appears in his page above.


You had to be there! We want to thank all who helped from the bottom of our hearts. We think we can safely call it a huge success.

You are a Top Gun!

Bill & Nancy Mattress
Joan & Bill Christiansen
Joe & Ann Marie Samara

More reports on Top Guns II and details of the Sandwich and Salisbury Beach rallies will be in the rallies page soon. Watch for them.

Members Bill and Kitty (Munroe) Ellsworth extend thanks for the wedding shower at Essex Junction. Watch for her new name badge at Sandwich.

Don't forget to vote for the slate of officers for 2002-2003, eiyher by mail or before the Saturday morning meeting at Sandwich. The official ballot with mailing form is in the printed newsletter.

Let's see how many members will make the Toll House Crumb Cake for our Sandwich and Salisbury Beach rallies. The recipe is in the newsletter.

Finally, a note from me, your webmaster. Many thanks from those who sent me notes of support, and especially to Richard and Sharon Kimball who offered to pick me up and bring me to Sandwich if I was not able to make it otherwise. Fortunately, the Bounder has been repaired and my eye has healed. It and I plan to be in Sandwich and Salisbury Beach

Bob Burnham

GRANITE STATERS         June 2002
Carol Bovee, Editor
Dave Bovee, President

This newsletter is way behind schedule. We apologize for that. The Bovee family computer died, and its replacement isn’t ready yet. Also, we lacked addresses. I thought Bill Read had the labels (he’s handling the membership duties while Bob Parsons is on vacation), Bill thought Carol and I had them, but it turns out Bob still had them in the motorhome. As I write this, we are awaiting a big envelope from Lake Louise, Alberta.

We had fun at the Saco River Campground in North Conway earlier this month. We also held our first business meeting of the year, mostly devoted to routine matters. The main item was selecting a nominationg committee for next years officers. All six officer positions are one year terms. Several incumbents will not be running for re-election, including yours truly. If you would like to serve, or know someone who would make a good officer, please let any nominating committee member know. We must have a slate of at least one candidate for each office in place in August. Ballots will be counted at the Sandwich rally in September.

It has been an honor to serve as chapter president for three terms, but I feel it is time to give someone else a turn. As the kids get older, (6, 10, and 13), and involved in more and more activities, it becomes nearly impossible to arrive early and stay late at chapter functions. We haven’t had the whole family motorhoming together yet this year!

Upcoming events: The 8-chapter Top Guns rally is coming up soon. It should be a lot of fun.

The FMCA’s Northeast Area “Big 10” anniversary rally for in Essex Junction, Vermont is only a few weeks away. A big thank you in advance to those of you who volunteered to help with security, especially Fred Roberts and Bob Smith who are coordinating our volunteers.
     One of the themes this year is chapter participation. For fun and silliness, join our Granite Staters Lawn Chair Brigade. Bruce Brown, our director, will lead us one morning at coffee hour. No experience necessary. Look up Bruce at our social hour when you get there . We’ll have a practice sometime before our performance.

See you there!



Peggy McShea

Bob Smith

Ginny Read

Jerry Goulet

Dave Bovee

2002 Rally Updates


We wish to thank all who volunteered for site security at Essex Junction. (We have reached our limit!)


See the NEA Rally Details Page for the full update and more information on this rally

Thanks again, Bob Smith and Fred Roberts It is requested that club members wear their club outfits and sit together at opening evening ceremony.


The rally is filling up fast...don’t be left out! When registration is full, your check will be mailed back to you. Anyone registering late should call first to see if the rally is full. Also, we need a count on the kids so we can plan the games and have enough prizes for everyone!

If you have already registered, send a note or call Bill Mattress (508) 248-9725 with the number of kids you will be bringing to the rally. If you haven’t registered yet...add the number of kids to the form.

Don’t forget to bring your 50’s outfits...tons of prizes!

Don’t forget the 50’s Bulletin Board...send your High School pictures (yearbook or other) to Joyce Blake, 101 Hayden Rowe, Hopkinton, MA 01748. Please put your name and address on the back of the photo to have it returned to you.

Bad news -- Good news: The Lawn Chair Parade had to be cancelled, but we’ve added a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream social --2:00 PM Sunday!


Any Granite Staters going to the Top Gun Rally next month who have not signed on as a volunteer to help with games and are willing to do so, please contact Bill Read, e-mail, phone or if nothing else at the rally when you arrive. We particularly need a volunteer or two to be dunked! Games for the adults will only be from 10 AM to 2 PM, so the more volunteers, the less time spent helping!


A full report of this rally can be found at the 2002 Rally Schedule Page


If there is a red line on your mail label...this is your LAST newsletter. This list was updated on June 10, so if you have paid since, this won’t apply to you. If you haven’t sent in your renewal, we hope you will renew and continue to be one of the group. While Bob Parsons is away, contact Bill Read with any questions.

Mt. Olive Shores North -- Lot for Rent

Central Florida Location --Mt. Olive Shores North, Polk City, FL. Huge lot, clubhouse, pool, hot tub, laundry, shuffleboard, trash pickup at curb, boat ramp, security gate, etc. Class A motorhomes. Hurry! Entire Season $1260 plus utilities. Call Bill Mattress (508) 248-9725

See the Granite Staters Mart Page for this and other great deals. See it also for how you can post a notice to the Mart Page.

GRANITE STATERS         May 2002
Carol Bovee, Editor
Dave Bovee, President

A small but enthusiastic Granite Staters group traveled to the newly-revitalized and recently re-opened Danforth Bay Campground in Freedom NH. Our next outing in North Conway promises to be even bigger.

This summer's Northeast Area Rally in Essex Jct VT should be bigger and better as well. I amn told they are expecting twice as many vendors as last year, at least 75 display coaches, and up to 1200 families' coaches. Joining the Granite Staters' security volunteers will get you in the gate a day early, assuring you a prime parking spot, but you must pre-register for the rally (with FMCA), and be signed up with Fred Roberts or Bob Smith... call one of them today.

FMCA's 2003 National summer extravaganza will be near Buffalo, and they are looking for volunteers. Stet Hunt is inquiring about us doing security there... only volunteers will park at the rally site (Erie County Fairgrounds, Hamburg NY), while the general parking will be a couple miles away at Rich Stadium in Orchard Park NY, home of the Buffalo Bills.

Looking forward to seeing you in North Conway...



Danforth Bay was a great weekend and congratulations to our new Wagon Master, Bill Hatley and his lovely wife Caroline, for a job well done hosting a rally for their first time.


Since the April Newsletter, one new member has joined our chapter. We are glad to welcome Robert and Mary Ann Murad F301074, 53 Overlook Drive, Atkinson NH.


We have started this year off with a real bang. At the Danforth Bay rally several of our members turned in a total of 47 pounds of tabs. I know that some of you have no idea of what that is in actual count. So, I'll let you in on a little secret, 47 pounds of tabs adds up to 75,200. So you see that the little bags and big bags that YOU turn in, really add add up to very large numbers. Please keep up the good work. I thank you and the children at Shriners Hospital for Children also thank you.
Some of you already know that Louise and I are headed across Canada to Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia and returning back home across the USA. We are leaving directly from the Saco River Rally on the morning of June 9th with "Bucky" and thelma Buck. Bill Read has agreed to take care of the tabs in my absence so please give him lots of work hauling boxes of tabs.


That time of year is here again. If your newsletter date is marked in yellow, it means that you probably forgot to pay your dues. Please tend to this so that you will not have the "RED DOT" on the following newsletter. New members, this "red dot" means that until your dues are paid you will receive no more newsletters.


Little Johnnie was attending Kindergarten on opening day.
The smiling teacher announced to the happy little students, "Every day I want you to put on a clean pair of underwear."
By the time Saturday came around Johnnie couldn't put his pants on.

See you in North Conway

Bob Parsons - Membership Chairman


Chapter clothing makes me feel that I am a member of the group.
Chapter clothing shows unity in our chapter.
Chapter clothing shows that I am proud to be a Granite Stater.

All of the above and I like to keep things simple. That's it!

I own 3 club shirts, 2 styles of club jackets, club hat, black slacks and
black shorts. Now, when we leave for a club weekend, the clothes
packing is easy. I always know what I am going to wear and never have
to worry about what to pack. Why don't YOU try it too?

GRANITE STATERS         April 2002
Carol Bovee, Editor
Dave Bovee, President

    Another season of motorhoming adventures is about to begin. In this newsletter is the information for our first two chapter rallies, the multi-chapter Top Guns rally, and the FMCA Northeast Area Rally in Essex Junction, VT.

    As you may know, our Granite Staters chapter has promised to help provide Security at Essex Jct. In May, there will be a "work and fun" rally for chapter leaders and key volunteer leaders of the NE Area rally. After that meeting, our Security leaders Bob Smith and Fred Roberts will be asking us to volunteer a few hours of our time in August. Please pitch in and help... it takes a lot of volunteers to make a big rally run smoothly.

    At the Bovee house, we've been enjoying a slightly less hectic schedule since winter hockey season ended, and spring sports haven't started quite yet. That will change in a couple more weeks though... track and field, baseball, spring hockey, FMCA rallies... We might need to get a bigger calendar to keep track of everything!

Looking forward to seeing you soon-

AUGUST 8 - 10

Fred Roberts and Bob Smith are
heading up our security detail at
this rally ... and they need you!

Please volunteer!
Remember, many hands make light

Call or e-mail Fred or Bob

(603) 529-1868

(603) 467-1547


We are looking for FMCA members
who have full military uniforms to
be the honor guard to present the
colors at the opening ceremonies.
Please contact Bill Gowen
(207) 892-0984


Membership Chairman's Report
Well, winter is over and the real good weather is just around the corner and to prove that I really know what I am talking about, I pulled the cover off of the Admiral (motor home) three days ago.

Welcome New Members
Once again we are glad to welcome all the new members who have recently joined the Chapter.
James and Joan MacDonald
Tom and Pat McPherson
David and Bunny Peakes
Donald and Eileen Reilly
Donald and Rose Welch
Hanson MA
E. Hampstead NH
New Ipswich NH
E. Sandwich NH
Epsom NH


This year we will again be collecting aluminum tabs from soda cans or ony other cans that has an aluminum tab. As most of you know, we are collecting them for the Shriners Hospital for Children. The Shriners Hospital treats children up to the age of eighteen at no cost.
We have been collecting aluminum tabs for four years and when we turned them in last October at the Salisbury Rally, we had reached the grand total of 3,496,700 tabs. For your information, that adds up to 2,152 pounds. Just think, over a ton of them. Thank you everyone. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. The children at the hospital thank you and I am proud of you too.


One day a housework-challenged husband decided to wash his sweatshirt.
Seconds after he stepped into the laundry room, he shouted to his wife, "What setting do I use on the washing machine?"
"It depends," she replied. "What does it say on your sweater?"
He yelled back, "The University of New Hampshire."


Upcoming Rallies

Danforth Bay - Freedom NH - May 10-12 - See Rallies Page for details

Saco River - North Conway NH - June 7-9 See - Rallies Page for details Top Guns II - Brooklyn CT - July 19-21 See - Rallies Page for details

Northeast Area Rally - Essex Jct VT - August 8-10 - See Rallies Page for details

GRANITE STATERS         February 2002
Carol Bovee, Editor
Dave Bovee, President

    I hope you’re having a good winter. Many of you snowbirds just attended the FMCA Southeast Area Rally in Brooksville, FL. The festivities included the Granite Staters Lawn Chair Brigade. FMCA’s “Southern Sensation” International Convention will be at Perry, GA in March. I expect a good number of Granite Staters will participate.
    Like many of you, my family is staying north. Hockey has been a big part of our activities... all three kids are having fun and playing hard in the new youth hockey league that Dover started. The relatively mild weather hasn’t helped our skating rink in the yard at home, though.

    Co-Pilots’ Rodeo cancelled. I am very disappointed, but I think Rallymaster Bill Gearin made a reasonable decision. Financially, the rodeo barely broke even in its four years, and was unable to attract any major sponsorship for this year. I volunteered as a driving instructor at all four Rodeos. I like to think we helped lots of people better enjoy their motorhomes by becoming better drivers. It was very satisfying to coach someone through a maneuver and then hear them say “I didn’t think I could do that!” The Rodeo was not a seminar that you sat through... it offered real driving experience in real motorhomes, generously loaned by several dealers. My thanks to Bill and his dozens of assistants from the SCONE chapter who made the rodeo the most worthwhile FMCA event I’ve known.

    Upcoming Granite Staters Rallies: Our May rally plans are still tentative, but Louise Parsons et al have the June rally all planned for us in North Conway.

2003: FMCA’s “70th Premier International Motorhome Extravaganza” (how’s that for a big name?) will be held near Buffalo, NY in July 03, and the Northeast Area Rally returns to Prince Edward Island, Canada.

    I’m looking forward to getting my old coach back on the road again. See you soon!


February 2002

    Another camping season is just around the corner. Hope everyone is having a great winter whether here in the north country or down south.
    The vote to pay the National Directors, or Alternates, up to $250.00 for expenses for attending the governing board meeting, all sessions, was defeated. The consensus was that if you volunteered for the position, you did not expect to get paid.
    The 2003 Summer Convention will be held at the Erie County Fairgrounds, July 18, 19, 20, 2003. July 20, 2003 will be the 40th Anniversary of FMCA being founded.
    Last fall, Roger was appointed to the Member/Membership Services Committee. They have already had their first meeting with many ideas being presented.
    If any of you feel that you have something that should be considered as a member benefit, please contact him at e-mail:
    I hope to see many of you at the Perry, GA Convention.

Evelyn Merrill


The Southeast Area Rally in Brooksville
in February was a ball!

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